Zombicide po abo-a-bomb

Meet your Zombie boss! These beasts are impervious to everything except a Molotov. Moreover, they have super-long arms able to grab you from a distance, and the strength to lift anyone. Luckily, these beasts are fairly rare.

Target Priority: 6
Actions: 1
Min. Damage to destroy: N/A
Experience provided: 5
Special Rule:
  • Impervious. An A-Bomb Abomination can only be killed by effects that destroy all Actors in the targeted Zone, like a Molotov (or a Flamethrower from the Toxic City Mall expansion). As an A-Bomb has no Damage threshold, game effects allowing to change or ignore a Zombie type (like the Point-blank Skill or the Nico Special Ultrared weapon of Angry Neighbors) have no effect.
  • Grabbing. At the end of each of its Activations, an A-Bomb Abomination grabs all the Survivors from all adjacent Zones. All eligible Survivors are dragged to the A-Bomb’s Zone without penalty. This is not a Move. Grabbing can force a Survivor to cross barricades (see Angry Neighbors and Toxic City Mall) and fences, as well as getting out of a car, a hole, or an observation tower (see Prison Outbreak). If you own several A-Bombs and your Survivor is subject to multiple Grabbings at once, choose the one to grab your Survivor.

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