BP Abominotaur

Abominotaurs can break through closed doors! And closed walls!!!

Target Priority: 3
Actions: 1
Min. Damage to destroy: 3
Experience provided: 5
Special Rule:
  • Abominotaurs are Abominations
  • Wounds inflicted by Abominations can’t be prevented by Armor rolls.
  • Abominotaur does 2 damages when it hits.
  • A Damage 3 weapon or Dragon Fire is required to kill an Abomination.
  • At the start of the activation step of the Zombies' Phase, set the Abominotaur's target Zone before moving it, ignoring closed doors and walls (but not Vault doors and ramparts). If an Abominotaur has to go through a closed door or wall, first put a “broken wall” token to link its starting and destination Zones, and remove any closed door token that might be in the way. The broken wall is considered as an open door, and thus can generate a Zombie spawn in a previously closed building. Actors can now cross the Zones. After that, proceed with moving all the Zombies (as the Zombies’ route can be redefined by the wall’s destruction).