Deadeye Walkers Edit

The latest trick up the Necromancers' sleeves is a manipulation of the zombie infection that allowed skilled archers to retain their deadly accuracy in zombie form. The experiment rotted their flesh away, but as long they can still hold a bow and arrow, they will serve their sinister purpose to the bitter end.

Deadeye walkers come in three different sculpts.


Gameplay Edit

Deadeye Walkers function like standard Walkers for most game purposes. Same place in the targeting priority order. Of course, the huge difference comes when they attack with their fearsome bows!

  • Target Priority: 2
  • Actions: 1
  • Min. Damage to destroy: 1
  • Experience provided: 1
  • Special Rule: none

Deadeye Walkers Attack whenever they activate while having a Line Of Sight on a Survivor (or more) at Range 0-3. Then, they perform a standard Zombie Attack on the designated Zone. If several Zones are eligible, they choose their target according to these priorities:

  • 1- The Zone with the most Survivors.
  • 2- The noisiest Zone.
  • 3- If all eligible Zones have the same amount of Survivors and Noise, the players choose.

Included Items Edit

  • 21 Deadeye Walker minatures
  • 6 spawn cards

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