BP NPCs 02


Target Priority: 2
Actions: 1
Min. Damage to destroy: 1
Experience provided: 1
Special Rule:
  • NPCs are standard walkers with the special “NPC” status. They follow the same rules as standard walkers, including extra activations.
  • At game setup, create a vault weapon deck using all vault weapons you own and not featured in the chosen mission. Use it for game effects requiring the drawing of vault cards, like searching vaults for the first time.

Mix NPC zombie cards into your regular zombie pile, and spawn NPC zombies using Black Plague core rules. Don’t choose which NPC zombie miniatures you put on the board — take them at random. If you run out of NPC standard walkers miniatures, replace the missing ones with standard walkers miniatures. Each time a NPC standard walker is eliminated, the player can place its miniature on the ID Card of his attacking survivor instead of returning it to the Zombie miniature reserve. The player can discard collected NPC zombie miniatures back to the Zombie miniature reserve at any time (without gaining experience).

  • Five differently sculpted NPC zombies may be exchanged for a random vault weapon. Return the NPC zombie miniatures to the Zombie miniatures reserve. The Survivor gains 5 experience points.
  • Necromantic Transformation: NPC standard walkers can get replaced by other miniatures through the effects of necromancers or abominations, thus losing their NPC status.

There are thirteen different sculpts of NPCs.

Zombicide: Black Plague NPC 1 - Notoriously Plagued Characters includes:

  • 4 zombie nurses
  • 4 zombie jailers
  • 4 zombie dancers
  • 4 zombie moors
  • 4 zombie dwarves

Zombicide: Black Plague NPC 2 - Notoriously Plagued Characters includes:

  • 4 zombie monks
  • 4 zombie tavern wenches
  • 4 zombie nobles
  • 4 zombie elven bards
  • 4 zombie jesters

Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter exclusives includes:

  • 4 zombie "Sleeping Beauties"
  • 4 zombie "Ned Stark"
  • 4 zombie bishops