based on ideas by The Safehouse FB Community and Jonathan Bailey (Darkwynd)

  • Civilians count as Survivors.
  • Civilians are treated as having the "Low Profile" ability.
  • Civilians do not have an inventory and cannot use items.
  • Civilians cannot fight Zombies.
  • Each Civilian can move a maximum of 2 zones at the end of the Player's Phase. Civilians move according to the following parameters:
    • If they can see a Zombie, they move away from it.
    • If they can see a Survivor, they move towards it.
    • If they can see Survivors in different Zones, they move toward the nearest Survivor.
    • If they can’t see anybody, they move toward the Zone that contains the most Noise tokens.
    • Civilians always take the shortest possible route to their target Zone. If there is more than one route of the same length, the players decide which route to take.
  • Civilians are targeted by zombies first if they are in a Zone with a Survivor.
  • A Civilian is defeated and removed by the first Wound it receives.
  • When killed, Civilians are replaced by a Standard Walker the end of the Zombie phase.
  • Three rescued Civilians can be traded for a Companion between missions in a campaign setting.

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