by Nomad, incorporating ideas from mephistopheles [1]

Zombie Burning1


  • Sources of Fire:
  • Fire Zones: Fire Zones have a continuous source of fire. The scenario will note whether the fire can or cannot be extinguished. Survivors can move through a fiery zone unharmed at the cost of +1 action( that would be 2 if there are no zombies present), or they can "risk it" by moving through at the normal action cost of movement, but will risk catching fire(see below). If a survivor ends the players phase in a fire Zone they will catch fire. Fire Zones cannot be searched!
  • 'Extinguishing Fire: Survivors can spend an action to extinguish the fire on a survivor, including themselves. Survivors cannot extinguish fire on a zombie, well, except by killing it!


  • Zombies and Fire: Zombies that move into, through, or stop in a Fire Zone catch fire. Zombies also catch fire by moving into, through, or stopping in a zone with other zombies that are on fire. Place a Zombies on Fire token in the zone to indicate that the zombies in that zone are on fire. If all zombies in that zone are killed, remove the Zombies on Fire token.


  • Survivors catching fire: Each time a survivor takes ANY action in the same Zone as a zombie that is on fire, roll 1d6. On a 4, 5, or 6 the survivor catches fire. This includes an action to leave the zone, make melee attacks, open a door, etc. Survivors also have the same chance of catching fire for each Fire Zone they move through and "risk it" by not paying an extra action to navigate the flames carefully.
  • Damage from Fire: If a player starts a turn on fire and ends a turn on fire, they will take one wound, but do not need to discard an item. The survivor is still on fire after taking the wound.

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