Difficulty: Hard

Time: 150 minutes

Prologue Edit

Our Shelter is safe, for now. Unfortunately, our food supplies won't last long. We've decided to arm outselves and go explore the surrounding houses. We cannot come back empty-handed.

Tiles Needed Edit

2C, 1C, 4B, 5C, 7B, 5D, 6B, 5E, 1B.

Objectives Edit

  • Take all the Objective tokens.
  • Find at least one Canned Food card, at least one Rice card, and at least one Water card.
  • Once you have achieved the precious objectives, reach the Exit Zone shown on the map with at least one Survivor. Gather the Equipment and Survivors that escaped. You win if you have at least one Canned Food, one Rice and one Water card.

Special Rules Edit

  • Each Objective token gives 5 experience points to the Survivor who takes it.

Map Edit


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