Zombie seeker1

It took us quite some time to realize that a vicious new zombie type had appeared. They look like your average walker and hide among average walkers, but they act like hysterical teenagers: unable to stay quiet, always moving, growling, and making useless noise. When several packs of these seekers, as we call them, arrive in a district, they make each other more aggressive. They get so quick that runners look like easy targets. If they’re amped up enough, seekers can rip apart a whole team in a few seconds. If you spot one of these bastards, blast it immediately. Otherwise, its whole gang will rush you for a free meal.

Target Priority: 3
Actions: 1(*)
Min. Damage to destroy: 1
Experience provided: 1
Special Rule:A Seeker spends a single Action each time it is activated. It gets an extra activation each time a Seeker Zombie card is drawn.

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