Zombicide po abo-toxic

Malls were favored shelters when the first zombies appeared: lots of space and stuff to live on while waiting for rescue. It was a bad idea. When the rescue squads came, malls became traps. Malls are easy to spot and hard to defend, so the whole area turned into a battlefield. Some building collapsed, and barricades went up everywhere. Some blocks even look they got hit by an air strike.

Target Priority: 5
Actions: 1
Min. Damage to destroy: 3
Experience provided: 5
Special Rule: Upon elimination, a Toxic Zombie inflicts 1 Wound on its assailant if they are both in the same Zone. All Zombies standing in its Zone at the end of the Zombies’ Phase become Toxic Zombies. Replace their miniatures with matching Toxic Zombie miniatures. This effect only applies to Standard Zombies.