On his Turn, any Survivor can spend 3 actions at once to build or contribute to a Trap in the Zone he stands in. The Zone must be free of Zombies.

Discard any number of Equipment cards (minimum one) and place a Trap Token in the Zone. Each Equipment card discarded improves one of the Traps values.

If one or more Zombies enter the Zone, immediately resolve an attack on the Zombies using the Traps values (this never counts as an action).

When a Trap is triggered, Survivors do not choose the targets hit by successful rolls. Hits are assigned to Actors in the Zone following the targeting priority order.

Experience provided by Traps killing Zombies is distributed among all Survivors which have contributed to the Trap (Players choose how Experience is distributed, but each Survivor gets at least 1 Experience).

Trap bascic values:

Range: 0 (cannot be improved.)
Dice: 1 (improve by two for each Equipment card discarded.)
Accuracy: 5+ (improve by one for each Equipment card discarded. Maximum 3+)
Damage: 0 or 1 (choose basic damage; improve by one for each Equipment card discarded. Maximum 3; can be improved to "A Lot!" by discarding a Gasoline or Dragon Bile card. Traps with Damage 0 do not wound Actors. Instead they cannot take Move actions, unless 3 actions are spend by an Actor in the same Zone to free them of the Trap.)

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