Zombies lack personality and self-awareness. Well, almost. Some of them are still unique in some way, albeit involuntarily. They wear a costume, a uniform, or remind us of someone we used to know. Culling them out of the zombie herd is a game for us. We call them VIPs.

At game setup, create a Pimpweapon deck using all pimpmobile weapons you own and not featured in the chosen Mission. Use it for game effects requiring the drawing of Pimpmobile cards, like Searching pimpmobiles for the first time.

VIP Standard Walkers are Standard Walkers with the special “VIP” status. They follow the same rules as Standard Walkers, including:

  • Targeting Priority Level: VIP Standard Walkers have the same Targeting Priority Level as Standard Walkers. Choose your targets among them!
  • Experience points: Killing a VIP Standard Walker earns 1 experience point.
  • Extra Activations: VIP Standard Walkers benefit from Standard Walkers extra activations.
  • Toxic transformation: VIP Standard Walkers can get replaced by Toxic Walkers by a Toxic Abomination (see Toxic City Mall), thus losing their VIP status.

Mix “VIP Standard Walkers” Zombie cards into your regular Zombie pile, and spawn VIP Zombies using core rules. Don’t choose which VIP Zombies you put on the board — take them at random. If you run out of VIP Standard Walkers miniatures, replace the missing ones with Standard Walkers miniatures.

Each time a VIP Standard Walker is eliminated, the player can place its miniature on the ID Card of his attacking Survivor instead of returning it to the Zombie miniature reserve. The player can discard collected VIP Zombie miniatures back to the Zombie miniature reserve at any time (without gaining experience gain).

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