Zombie cat1

Hey, when you see one of those coming at 'ya, 'got only one last shot...

Target Priority: 11
Actions: 2 (2)
Min. Damage to destroy: 1
Experience provided: 1
Special Rule:
  • Each Zombie Cat has two seperate Actions per Activation.
  • Catz can move up to two zones in one action.
  • If there is a Survivor with a Wound card in play, Zombie Catz always move toward the Zone with the wounded Survivor first, regardless of the distance and then priorize the targeting of other Survivors by Line of Sight or Noise. If there is no Survivor with a Wound on the field, Zombie Catz target like standard Zombies.
  • If there is a Survivor in reach of the Zombie Cat at the start of its Action, the Zombie Cat moves up to two zones and takes a free melee attack on the Survivor.

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