Zombie Gator

Yeah, right ! Zombie 'Gators from the sewers... And I am - Iiiiiaaargh!!!

Target Priority: 7
Actions: 1 (2)
Min. Damage to destroy: 3
Experience provided: 5
Special Rule:
  • Gatorz can move normally trough zones with water. As long as a Zombie Gator moves through zones with water, a Gator Zombie can move up to two zones in one action.
  • If there is a Survivor in reach of the Zombie Gator at the start of its Action, the Zombie Gator moves up to two zones and takes a free melee attack on the Survivor.
  • As long as a Zombie Gator occupies a Zone with water, it is immune to Ranged weapon attacks. Unless otherwise stated, the only way to kill a Zombie Gator in a Zone with water is in Melee Combat.

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